Super Savings Account

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Super Savings Account gives you the advantages of competitive interest rates and the availability of your funds, without forfeiture of interest in case of withdrawal. The account may be owned by an individual, organization or association.

Many micro business clients usually save in an informal way; through “ALAJO” (Daily collector). There is a potential risk of losing all money saved through these means especially if the daily “Collector” is fraudulent. However, with this savings account product the client is assured of safety, reliability, quick service and a high prospect of accessing credit products from the bank.


»  Zero opening balance.
»  N500 minimum balance.
»  Flexible operating conditions apply – daily, weekly and monthly savings.
»  SMS, COT and maintenance charge not applicable.
»  N100 passbook charge applicable.
»  Maximum of N20,000 on the field withdrawal.
»  It should not be linked with any loan account.
»  Interest rate is 5% per annum.
»  Interest will only be taken if withdrawal does not exceed twice in a month.
»  It accommodates both micro clients and commercial clients.