CIT Investment Notes

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At CIT Microfinance Bank, we are committed to support your quest towards attaining financial independence. That is why we provide viable investment options that will help you towards sustainable wealth creation.

This is to encourage deposit investments from high net-worth individuals. The investment will attract higher rates than the normal savings account.


»  Certificate will be issued to investors.
»  Minimum Tenor of 90 days.
»  Funds are not accessible till maturity.
»  Interest on fund is 12% per annum.
»  Can be used as collateral for loan.
»  Minimum investment of N100,000 and maximum of N1,000,000.
»  Payment of interest upfront is allowed.
»  Liquidation before maturity will attract a penalty of 20% on the accrued interest.
»  Penalty charge on liquidation before maturity will be taken on the principal if interest has been taken upfront.